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The $1 Test Tunnel to Run Beneath Los Angeles Opens on Dec 10

Elon Must contacts the public through his tweet again. This time, the tunnel tweet was made on Sunday night. “The first tunnel is almost done”, he tweets.

The Boring Company will soon unveil its rapid-transit tunnel to the public. The tunnel will run under Los Angeles and can whisk people through its tunnels at 150 miles per hour.

The high-speed transit that Elon Musk has built is to be opened to the public on 10th December. The next day, free rides will be provided to the public, tweets Musk in reply to a question on Twitter.

Musk contacts his 23.1 million followers through his tweet, giving information that the test tunnel that runs under the Loop system will soon be open in the Hawthorne suburbs. They will travel on a new platform called “skate”, a platform that will be electrically powered. It has a long tube which operates through a vacuum. The tube is protected from natural disasters like earthquake and weather, as it is suspended from the ground.

The skates will move between the tunnel system and the surface. The entire system will comprise a series of layered tunnels that would move in various directions. Shafts will be provided which would run in street-side locations.

Initially, plans were made to move the cars in skates. However, it was revised to include pedestrians too. Though people were skeptic about the plans, things are slowly turning into reality. This tunnel network plan of Musk will soon be able to solve transport issues in Los Angeles. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX unveils his plans via the Twitter.

However, the Boring Company Loop system is different from the Hyperloop projects. The Tunnel boring machines are used to make underground routes. The underground transport system is built for high-speed transport that can take passengers from Chicago to the O’Hare International Airport within minutes.

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