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US’ Abortion Pill Website Held By The FDA For Investigation

The latest website which permits the American women to order abortion-inducing drugs on the internet is under inquiry by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The website, Aid Access, has been silently delivering the drugs from a drugstore in India to women residing in the U.S. The website’s founder stated that for the past 6 Months there was an overpowering demand from American women.

The FDA in a statement to The Daily Beast stated that mifepristone—one of the drugs—is not lawfully accessible over the internet. The agency also reported that mifepristone is being sold on the internet “very seriously.” The website was initiated by the founder of the same service known as Women on Web, which dispatches abortion pills to women in other countries and outside the U.S. where abortion is not legal. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts—Founder of Aid Access—told to The Atlantic that she began the website after being flooded by numerous requests from women in the U.S. In the U.S. the state regulations are making in-clinic abortion ever more difficult to access. Dr. Gomperts writes the prescriptions herself and forwards them to a trusted drugstore in India. She keeps that process legal, as the FDA permits people to bring in medicines for their private use. But the FDA presently objects mifepristone to a severe distribution protocol, which avoids it from being sold on the internet or in retail pharmacies.

Recently, FDA was also in news for publishing guidelines on product identifiers under the drug supply chain security act. In last month, the FDA disclosed the guidelines which are aimed to deal with anticipated questions related to product identifiers required by the DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act) for homogenous cases packages of certain drugs. The DSCSA outlines important measures to develop an interoperable and electronic system by November 27, 2023. This electronic system will aid to find and trace specific prescription drugs as they are circulated within the U.S.

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