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Trump’s Discriminative STLDI Health Care Plans Exclude Mental Health Care

The year 2018 has been quite struggling for the U.S. in dealing with the crisis in suicide, opioid addiction, and mental health care. According to CDC reports, from the last 15 years, the suicide rate in the U.S. has increased considerably with a current death rate of around 115 people per day owing to opioid overdose. Along with this, 50% of the U.S. people who are not mentally fit are not going for the treatment.

The Trump Administration has planned the regulations to launch sale of unfettered STLDI (short-term, limited-duration insurance) plans by the various insurance companies from October 1. STLDI plans are initiated to fill up the short-term gaps in coverage, and secondly, these plans are less expensive and provide health care at very low cost. But the plans do not cover complete health care, excluding mental health care, treatment for the pre-existing condition, and medications.

STLDI plans were not be included in the individual health insurance coverage according to the 1944 Public Health Act under the Roosevelt Administration. In the year 1997, various departments planned to set the duration of STLDI plans to less than 12 Months. But later, it was noticed that these plans might be chosen as primary health coverage violating the Affordable Care Act, that’s why the Obama Administration restricted the duration of these plans to 3 Months. Now, the Trump Administration again extends the duration to 364 days, which could be further renewed or extended up to three years. This much duration would be highly susceptible for people with a mental health condition.

According to a recent analysis by KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) stated that around 50% of STLDI plans do not include coverage for mental health, and around 62% plans exclude services for addiction treatment.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) with other health organizations and industries joined together and would legally take a step against the STLDI discriminative rules and expansion of such plans.

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