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National Space Council Votes To Forward Space Force Proposal To The U.S. President

At the result of its previous meeting early this year, the National Space Council has decided to forward Donald Trump, the U.S. President, about six suggestions. Reportedly, these suggestions will help in starting the process of introducing a novel military section for space. None of these anticipated actions were surprising as they were discussed openly from last few weeks.

The first suggestion is the establishment of a novel joined command for space command that would be dubbed as “the U.S. Space Command.” The second suggestion is a governmental proposal that the Pentagon is supposed to present to the White House. Reportedly, the third will be a financial plan request to fund the novel service in the financial year 2020. In the next suggestion, the National Space Council has insisted the agencies’ authorities to review to make certain that the space commanders are empowered enough to take action if required. Fifth is the formation of a Space Development Agency that would look after technology investments. The sixth and final recommendation is to make the connection between the intelligence community and the latest service stronger.

On a similar note, NASA might announce that it will soon end its attempts to contact the Opportunity Mars rover. Reportedly, the rover is found to be silent from over 4 Months after a big dust storm. However, it is expected that it will again start to catch the signals from the spacecraft in the upcoming period.

Opportunity is present on Mars from January 2004. According to the reports, it last contacted Earth on June 10, 2018. A strong globe-straddling dust storm obstructed the sun. This action led to depriving the rover of solar power and forced it to go into a low-power mode. On September 11, 2018, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory proclaimed that the optical depth fell to a low level. This led to obstruct the sunlight to reach to the rover and prohibited it to generate the power.

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