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NASA Needs Assistance In Shipping Cargo To Its Potential Lunar Space Station

NASA is in need of assistance for making its shipments to a potential lunar space station, which is 240,000 Miles away. This week, the space agency opened a requisition asking firms to consider what they would need to deliver cargo. Reportedly, the U.S. firms are offered a time limit of up to November 2, 2018, for submitting their inputs for the same.

NASA is in the process of crafting its Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway. This space station is intended to orbit the moon and host astronauts starting sometime in the mid-2020s. However, the design work is beginning now, to ensure that NASA is ready and business associates for the same are available. At present, the space agency is searching for firms that would carry both pressurized and unpressurized cargo, same as that of SpaceX’s Dragon, which is involved in cargo missions to the International Space Station. NASA proclaimed that it expects the purchase of minimum three cargo delivery missions.

On a similar note, while tracking NASA’s history, the federal investigators proclaimed that, after carrying out numerous space researches in the time span of about 60 Years, the space agency could offer a better performance. Reportedly, Office of Inspector General (OIG), which is an autonomous investigation arm of NASA, recently carried out an audit of the space agency’s historic property. After noticing numerous high profile losses, OIG suggested that NASA should take up more efficient techniques for the identification and management of its space artifacts.

In its audit report, the OIG highlighted that, in the last 60 Years, there is an improvement in NASA’s loaning and disposing practices of historic personal properties. However, a noteworthy amount of historic personal property is found to be misplaced, lost, or taken by its ex-workers and contractors. The report stated that NASA’s lack of sufficient procedures is responsible for this loss.

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