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Amazon HQ2 in Two Locations to offer 50,000 Employment Opportunities

Amazon is set to choosing its second headquarters project.

The second headquarters project or HQ2 may be split between two cities, New York City and Arlington, Virginia.

Rather than picking one location, the company has chosen two locations and the second headquarters will be split evenly between them.

The HQ2 with two equal offices will function along with its headquarters at Seattle.

However, critics question the existence of the “second headquarter”. The split between two locations just adds to their opinion.

The HQ2 investment has been hyped by Amazon, making cities vie with each other to get the investment, they say.

Not much news is available about the tax incentives offered to Amazon in selecting these two cities. Cities just consider the chance as a win-win situation where they would reap the benefits of having Amazon located in their city.

Virginia and New York just expect the company to return what they had originally promised and not rob the taxpayers of their money.

The company will be able to recruit the best of tech talent. By providing more employment, more workers will be added to these areas. Problems arising with having additional workers such as taking care of the transit, housing, and other issues will have to be resolved.

About 50,000 employees will be added in these locations, say officials involved with the decision-making process, which would provide an income of around $100,000 per annum on an average.

The decision has not been finalized as yet. Amazon has not commented on any final decisions made. Plans on the second headquarters were announced in September 2017.

However, executives at Amazon had met Governor Andrew M. Cuomo at the Manhattan office. One of the officials has said that the state has offered subsidies amounting to many hundreds of million dollars.

The governor feels that it would be a good economic boost to the state.

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