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Pipeline Keystone XL Controversy Based on Environmental Issues

Oil pipeline Keystone XL faces controversy in its constructions.

The federal judge Brian Morris states “inconvenient factual determinations” to block the construction.

In the year 2015, the pipeline was rejected by President Barack Obama saying that climate change remains a major concern.

But when President Trump came into power, he reversed the decision. The State Department puts forth the argument that climate change has now become less of a concern. With a number of developments made after 2015, climate change is being addressed. The construction of the pipeline is a necessity, says Trump government.

The construction of the Keystone pipeline, which is an $8 billion project, was proposed to start by the beginning of 2019.

Judge Morris has however argued against the decision taken by President Trump. Factual determinations cannot be simply disregarded says, Judge Morris. Sufficient details have to be properly explained.

Morris says that the pipeline may bring down prices but environmental issues have not been addressed such as oil spills and greenhouse gas emissions. He has declined to permit the pipeline as global temperatures should be kept at safe levels

This decision has been cheered by environmental groups. The Trump administration has rolled back several environments protecting laws that were made by the former president Obama. Funds for the Environmental Protection Agency have been slashed, vehicle emission protection, clean energy are some issues that have been rolled back. Further, the Paris climate agreement has seen the withdrawal from the U.S.

Just within a couple of days of taking office, President Trump had signed an approval for the Keystone pipeline.

The Keystone Pipeline has been an issue for the past 10 years. The pipeline which can carry around 800,000 petroleum barrels per day to the Gulf Coast refineries from Canada may have to be halted.

However, President Trump has called the court ruling a “disgrace” and may go for an appeal.

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