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YouTube Reportedly Considering Deleting All Kids’ Content From Platform

Google officials are reportedly talking about whether to eliminate all kids’ videos from the service and have them exist only on the separate YouTube Kids application, as per a new media report.

The decision is being talked about inside Google’s executive unit, as per the media, with the concept to shift every single part of content featuring kids into YouTube Kids. The decision might be the most aggressive alteration assumed by Google to battle predatory behavior aiming at kids on the website. A spokesperson of YouTube claimed to the media that the firm considers “a number of ideas for enhancing YouTube.”

Other workers at YouTube and Google are also supposedly asking officials to mull over turning off a function that plays automatically a different video after the one you are seeing is finished, as per media. It is a direct answer to various articles posted over the past few months, comprising a latest probe from The New York Times that discovered both predatory and innocuous videos aimed around kids automatically playing.

On a related note, the reports, together with complaints from privacy advocates and consumer groups, have also prompted a federal probe into YouTube by the FTC, as per the media. The probe can lead in Google getting a penalty over its inability to defend kids, and might be one more reason Google officials are considering this decision.

Moving every video starring or featuring kids to YouTube’s Kids app might come with its own series of problems. Logistically, it is frightening: There are 500 Hours of material uploaded to the website each minute. The only way the firm can actually pull off the seismic move might be to drastically change the infrastructure of the platform since content featuring kids is woven into the YouTube’s community’s fabric.

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