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Uber Launches Ride Pass, A Subscription Service in The U.S.

Taxi hiring app firm Uber has launched a new membership scheme for its users named Ride Pass on an experimental basis in five US cities. This deal allows member users to avoid surge pricing during rush hour traffic and other heavy demand times when it is tough to get a cab at regular fares. With this fixed-fare plan that costs $24.99 a month at Los Angeles and $14.99 a month in Austin, Miami, Orlando and Denver passengers can ride Uber cabs at standard rate irrespective of time. Depending on the success of this scheme Uber plans to expand this to other cities in US in 2019 and is not considering extending it to UK at present.

Uber is hoping to attract people that still their own personal vehicles for commuting and travelling over short distances as it is more economical to use Uber. Its product manager Dan Bilen stated that this plan was created to meet users’ demands as some had complained about how economical it is to use their own vehicles instead of Uber due to surge pricing that some-times make return rides lot more expensive from office or shopping.

He added that they wanted to make Uber a reliable alternative to personal driving and Ride Pass was the best alternative to lock in consistent ride prices on any ride to any location in the city at any time of the day for a monthly membership fee. The membership fee could help regular users save 15% on their monthly transportation expenses. Ride Pass offers several advantages to users besides discounted and fixed rates on all Uber rides like Uber X, Pool and even Express Pool rides. Uber has confirmed that over a period of time its Los Angeles users can use the Ride Pass on e-bike and scooters too that are popular in the region.

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