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Pence Believes Space Force Absolutely Essential for US

The first name that generally comes to the mind when someone talks about space stations and rockets is NASA. The US had been one of the frontrunners of space programs for a really long time, but recently other superpower countries seem to have overtaken it. However, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence share a common opinion that the Space Force is the answer to their regaining of superiority in space as they have done on land and sea.

In a recent interview, when Mike Pence was asked about Space Force and what it intended to achieve, though he didn’t reply with a readymade list, he took the diplomatic route. He said that though America has been making progress in the space sector, technology-wise, they are confined more to the lower orbits and the closure of the shuttle program was responsible for its fallback. President Trump has always been vocal about the importance of superiority in space for a wide variety of reasons and was in complete support of Space Force.

Mr. Pence said that the main objective of the program will be civilian space but more emphasis will be given on military aspect as well, in order to protect it from attacks and fund more human explorations into the uncharted territory of space.

A major section of the administration believes that since the Space Force is included under Air Force category, it is not being able to progress as much as it would want, as the space missions are not stressed enough and there is a major discrepancy in budgeting as well. Therefore, they advocate it by saying that it should become an independent sector for more progress.

Mr. Pence believes that being on the offense is also as important, in case there is any attack on the pieces of equipment in space as they record pretty volatile information, which could be valuable for other countries. With the enforcement of Space Force program, US will be able to achieve back its past glory and will become a major force, military wise as well.

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