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Salesforce Founder Supports Tax Measure To Aid San Francisco’s Homeless Crisis

Marc Benioff—Salesforce Founder and co-CEO—has urged business chiefs to support the homeless tax measure to fix the homeless issue in San Francisco. Recently, Benioff stated to FOX Business that this is a very severe concern of homeless in San Francisco.

On November 6, 2018, voters of San Francisco will cast their ballot for a tax proposal created to resolve the issue. The initiative known as “Proposition C” would force a corporate tax on trades with over $50 Million in profits to fund the city’s homeless services and facilities. Benioff further said, “We need a half of 1% tax to accomplish and that is what we are encouraging, that’s why I am promoting Proposition C.” Reportedly, Salesforce is the biggest technology company and employer in San Francisco with a worth of $100 Billion. It is critical for Salesforce’s business since the homeless issue is becoming a material problem, Benioff reported. The state’s Proposition C would collect $300 Million a year and almost 400 businesses might get affected if the bill is approved. San Francisco is one of the most favorable cities for innovation in the U.S., generating hundreds of billions of dollars of market capital. So, there is a need for “Proposition C” in San Francisco since there is a need to establish money to build those shelters and get homeless people out off the streets.

Recently, Salesforce was also in news as its philanthropic arm——declared $1 Million in grants for the next generation workforce of the U.K. has planned to support Ada and School 21 for training the UK’s educators and endow the youngsters with the expertise that will aid them to survive in the 21st century. The grants to Ada and School 21 will be utilized for supporting new programmers at both institutes since they nurture the ability and leadership skills are required for the jobs of the future. Valued at $500,000 each, the funding will back the Apprenticeship Scheme by Ada and the Innovative Leadership Development Program by School 21.

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