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Immigration To The U.S. Varies The Gut Microbiomes

Researchers from the University of Minnesota analyzed the gut bacteria of 514 women with South Eastern origin by dividing them into three groups; the first group includes women residing in Southeast Asia; the second group includes women recently shifted from Southeast Asia to the U.S., and the third group includes the U.S. born children of immigrants with Southeast origin.

Researchers analyzed the gut bacteria of recent immigrant women to the U.S. and discovered the sudden decrease in the diversity and number of their essential gut bacteria responsible for digestion and immunity. There was an immediate and considerable reduction in the native gut bacteria of the suspected women after they shifted to the U.S. and the alien microbes’ number steadily increased, that are usually present in European-American people. The effect was significantly found among obese as well as in the U.S. born children of immigrants. The initially dominant gut bacterial species ‘Prevotella’ was replaced by ‘Bacteroides

The obesity problem in Southeast Asians immigrated to the U.S. may be due to switching diet plan; as Asians diet include more vegetables and carbohydrates, and the Americans diet include high-fat content.

This variation in gut microbiomes may be due to some other factors that may include exposure to different antibiotics or consumption of water of different quality

However, according to the study, the gut bacterial variation and obesity are not inter-related. But still further research over the strains of gut bacteria found in the Southeast Asians and Americans to validate whether the bacterial strain found in Southeast Asians’ gut prevents obesity or the bacterial strain present in Americans’ gut may lead to obesity.

Futuristic research may also find some cure for obese immigrants in their health improvement. Researchers may develop some kind of probiotics for immigrants that could be able to compensate with the decline in native gut microbes.

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