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Even Though Having Some Major Issues, Lime Is Performing Great In Rental Business

Lime—San Francisco based company that offers dockless scooters manufactured by Segway Ninebot on rental basis—has been performing well in terms of business in the specific areas of the U.S. The company has recorded that the riders using Lime’s dockless scooters have achieved riding distance of 100,000 Miles in the last 45 Days in Nashville—the capital of Tennessee, U.S.

Initially, the companies were not legally allowed by the government to launch rental scooters. The competitor company, Bird has launched electric scooters in Nashville, during the spring season without permissions. Now, the government is generating policies for the companies based on renting electric bikes.

According to Lime reports, the average distance per ride was taken by riders is 0.5 Miles with a speed of 3.5 miles per hour and the average time for a ride is 10 Minutes. As per the estimated calculations, Lime would have received around $250,000 in a few weeks.

As per the ride data, Lime concluded that the most trending trips taken by riders to Centennial Park, The Gulch, Division Street, Downtown, the Pedestrian Bridge, Nissan Stadium, and Bridgestone Arena. Maximum rides were taken during the weekends.

Lime has excluded some of the scooters from its rental force after It was detected that the batteries of some of these scooters could get burst and catch fire due to the manufacturing defect. Lime recalled the suspected scooters for further testing.

Lime reported such first issue in August and took an action by eliminating 2,000 Segway scooters from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Lake Tahoe. The company has been working with Segway Ninebot over developing a kind of software, which could easily detect the risk of installed batteries going to catch fire. Later, scooters with the risk would be deactivated and removed by the company.

Last month, Lime hired a network of freelancers, known as juicers that look around the vehicles and refuel them every night. Now, Lime has decided to charge the scooters at Lime facilities, where the trained staff would analyze the scooters and monitor its batteries health.

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