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Dead Body Womb Transplant Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Dead Body Womb Transplant Woman Gives Birth To A Baby GirlFor the first time a healthy baby has been delivered successfully from the womb of a dead body. The baby girl was born after a 10 hour transplant operation at Sao Paulo in Brazil as the mother was born without a womb. Earlier too there have been 39 womb transplants from live donors that led to birth of 11 babies but previous transplants from dead donors have either failed or were miscarriages. This baby that was born through cesarean section had lived inside the womb of dead donor that had died due to bleeding in the brain.

The recipient mother of the baby girl has Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome due to which vagina and uterus do not form properly. But as her ovaries were in good condition, doctors removed her eggs and fertilized them with the sperm of father-to-be and froze them. Before transplanting the womb the mother-to-be was given drugs to weaken her immune system and prevent her body from rejecting the transplant. Seven months after the womb was successfully embedded into her system, the fertilized eggs were implanted in her and after a normal pregnancy period she delivered the 2.5 kg baby girl by caesarean section.

Doctor Dani Ejzenberg whose team at Hospital das Clinicas in Sau Paulo carried out the implantation and delivery stated that while uterus transplants from live donors was itself a medical miracle this kind of donation would create possibilities of childbirth in many infertile women with the right medical facilities and donors. It is generally difficult to get live donors as people have to be wiling and usually close family members or friends are willing to undergo the risk. Fertility experts have lauded this success stating that it increases potential donor population and is less expensive since it eliminates risk of donor’s post-surgical mishaps that could occur due to complications.

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