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Fraud Charges Levied Against Huawei Executive In US

Fraud Charges Levied Against Huawei Executive In USChinese executive and Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Meng Wangzhou has been accused of fraud charges in the United States as per a recent hearing in Canadian court. She was arrested in Vancouver, Canada late this week and would be extradited to US soon depending on how the case proceeds as the case was adjourned until next week after a five hour hearing before weekend began. Ms. Wangzhou is the daughter of Chinese telecom firm Huawei’s founder and has been accused of breaking American sanctions on Iran but China has demanded her immediate release insisting that she has not violated any laws.

While Ms. Meng’s detention became public the details of the accusations against here were not revealed as she had requested a publication ban which has now been overturned by the Canadian court. The court of British Columbia was informed during the hearing that Ms. Meng had used Skycom which is a subsidiary of Huawei to evade US sanctions against Iran between 2009 and 2014 by misrepresenting Skycom as a separate business entity. If found guilty of these charges, she could face 30 years in a US prison. Court reporters said that she was not handcuffed during the hearing and was wearing casual clothing.

According to a government lawyer of Canada, Ms Meng had conspired to defraud multiple financial institutions since she had denied to bankers in USA about direct connections between Skycom and Huawei but in fact Skycom was another name for Huawei. He stated that she should be denied bail as she would make a run for home. This arrested has strained the relations between US and China that was already under stress due to trade sanctions. Ms. Meng would be give consular access during her court hearings and due process was being followed as per laws and agreements. Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland stated that Ms. Meng’s arrest was not motivated by politics.

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