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Samsung Caught Employing DSLR To Tout Smartphone Camera

Samsung Caught Employing DSLR To Tout Smartphone CameraNow that handsets are able to take pics that can, in some cases, vie those of DSLRs, firms appear to be getting more and more relaxed swapping real DSLR pics into their ads. The issue is, most handset cameras are yet very far from DSLR experience. Hence, it is seldom a fair representation. And Samsung is the newest to get caught trying to do this.

Over at DIYPhotography, Dunja Djudjic (photographer and writer) claims that she caught Samsung Malaysia employing one of her pics to tout the portrait mode abilities of the Galaxy A8 Star, a midrange handset that was launched over the summer. Djudjic believes that Samsung copyrighted the pic via the photo site EyeEm from her, so transaction is not essentially an issue. But Djudjic does claim that the pic was not snapped using an A8 Star. Rather, it was snapped with a DSLR she has.

On a related note, earlier Donovan Sung, Global Spokesperson of Chinese handset maker Xiaomi, was left embarrassed for allegedly posting a false camera sample pic on his Instagram account to tout the Poco F1 handset.

Consumers on Reddit (social discussion and news aggregation platform) shared the pic that Sung posted on his account (stating it was snapped by Poco F1). On the other hand, the pic was apparently snapped using Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S handset since it had the “Mi 2S” logo at the corner in the bottom left of the pic, discovered the Reddit consumers.

After going through criticism, Sung took off the pic. Xiaomi was yet to answer to this issue. In a same case, Huawei was lately caught when a celebrity from one of its ads touting its latest Nova 3 handset posted behind-the-scenes pics on Instagram, disclosing a DSLR camera (and not the smartphone) being employed to take selfies.

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