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Surrogate Moms From Cambodia Get Bail

Surrogate Moms From Cambodia Get BailNone less than 32 surrogate mothers get bail after staying in the police custody since June. They were charged with human trafficking in Cambodia as they were carrying the babies for the Chinese clients. Now, they are released in bail as they agreed to keep the children with them. However, the authority of the NCCT or National Committee for Counter Trafficking has declared that the bail was approved on the humanitarian grounds. Another 5 people were arrested due to human trafficking in connection with the case.

In 2016, surrogacy was banned in Cambodiaas Thailand; the neighboring country imposed a limitation on the services. In June, a raid was executed to track down the commercial trade of surrogacy in Cambodia as there is a hiked demand in China due to the relaxation in the one-child policy. The government has declared that the children are being sold as goods and human trafficking must come to a stop.

The officials have stated that the women in association with the case have committed the crime while the infants were innocent and suffering due to the crime not committed by them. Therefore, NCCT has requested their release on bail as the ladies have committed not to sell the babies but to raise them. On the other hand, if the ladies break the agreement at any point, they will be booked under human trafficking charges, which may result in 15 years of imprisonment. Also, if these women act as an intermediate person between a pregnant woman and an adoptive parent, they may encounter imprisonment for up to 6 months.

These women were released from the police hospital but the fact is unknown whether or not these women are genetically connected to the babies they are carrying or acting as gestational surrogates, which is carrying the fertilized embryo of a different couple.

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