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Google’s Pichai To Be Quizzed By US Legislators

Google's Pichai To Be Quizzed By US LegislatorsGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai will be quizzed by US legislators later following his absence from a Senate hearing in September which was attended by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Pichai said prior to his hearing that he’s extremely proud of how his company has empowered people globally, particularly in US.

He will be questioned on many issues. Project Dragonfly is the codename for a controversial search engine that Google might launch in China. Earlier was created for China in 2006. It was pulled in 2010 following increased concerns regarding cyberattacks on activists. The potential moving back into the nation comes at a time when China and US are entangled in an ongoing trade war. Although a 90-day truce period has been set, the arrest of chief finance officer of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, doesn’t help the already tense situation.US President Donald Trump has accused

Google numerous times of being biased against conservative politicians and controlling what is and isn’t visible to the people. Pichai responded to his claims by saying that he leads his company with no political bias and will continue to do so. Google’s search engine, Google play stores, Android, Drive, Maps, Gmail and Chrome browser have over 1bn users each. It was accused in August of tracking users’ locations even when they were turned off. Handling of such huge amount of personal information should be examined.

After 500,000 people personal data was breached earlier in 2018 and that of 52.5m users again in November, announcements were made that Google’s services would be shut down by April 2019. After data breaches in Marriott, Yahoo, Amazon and Facebook were reported, Pichai is required to reassure every one of the steps he’s taking for securing users’ personal data. With 92% of global search traffic being under

Google’s control, working of its algorithms appear mysterious to outsiders. Yahoo and Bing come next with a little over 2% control each.48 employees since 2016 have been sacked for sexual harassment. Pichai assured increased transparency, compulsory training and support to claimers after protests by staff and yet employees didn’t seem happy. The measures, according to them, weren’t enough. Google’s ‘shadow workforce’ that constitutes about 50% of its total staff isn’t entitled to benefits given to full-time workers like sick days among other advantages.

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