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Study Reveals Creative Thinking Enabled By Brain Waves

Study Reveals Creative Thinking Enabled By Brain WavesThe clan of intelligentsia has made it out that creativity has to do more with the brain waves and it is not ‘God’s gift ‘. It’s time to stop feeling inferior to your more creative peers. Scientists claim that a person is considered to be more creative when their brain is resonating in the alpha brainwave frequency. And that was hypothetical until they came across this strikingly cohering discovery. They picked up a group of people and engaged them into tasks involving word associations, (checking on how one responds to a particular word, like “cat”). Simultaneously, they used transcranial alternating current brain stimulation (tACS) to stimulate their brains. They monitored the tACS using an EEG. The participants were able to associate to more remote and less expected entities as the alpha wave activity increased in their right temporal brain area.

They have concluded that the brainwaves come down to the alpha region of frequency more as we decrease the stimulus to the cortical portion of the brain. Now it completely makes sense about how loners turn more creative! Also, it’s a direct implication to the fact that we are more creative when we close our eyes!

Alpha waves can cause associations that are unusual

Here, one of the authors, Joydeep Bhattacharya comments on how Robert Frost’s “road less traveled by” is important for being creative. Their study furnishes proof to this.
According to the main researcher, the ability to associate to remote and unusual concepts is the precursor to creativity. For that, we have to desiccate the pre-existing associations in our mind. Following that, we will need to analyze in the presence of a context and finally put all of them back together to gain the entire understanding of the process. Just for example, to be able to relate more to humans and not to dogs while we talk about cats!

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