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Tumblr’s New Policy On Adult Content Comes Into Force

Tumblr's New Policy On Adult Content Comes Into ForceSocial media blogging app Tumblr that was facing flak for adult content on its site that upset several users has finally decided to change its policy. Its new rules that have come into force do not allow users to upload or share adult content on its site and existing posts that do not meet its new standards will be hidden though not deleted. In a blog Tumblr however acknowledged that its algorithms were not strong enough so it was incorrectly blocking some genuinely decent posts that were wrongly flagged. To rectify this issue it said that users would be encouraged to report posts that have been wrongly flagged to help improve its system.

But unhappy users of the micro-blogging site stated that the firm had taken a sledgehammer approach to the problem of tackling adult content as instead of developing a targeted approach of not allowing users to post illegal content it is cracking down on all forms of adult content. One user called its developers as being too lazy to take up a fine tuned approach and instead use a single stroke approach to the problem. This decision to clean Tumblr came only after Apple removed it from its play-store last month.

According to new guidelines users cannot share content that has depiction of sexual acts, human genitalia, and female nipples through pictures or illustrations. Exceptions have been made for classical artworks and political protests that involve nudity. In response to concerns that this platform could no longer allow people to freely discuss matters of sexuality, it allayed fears by saying in its blog that these would not be silenced and Gifs of gender-confirmation surgery are content that will be both permitted and encouraged. This change could also be because the firm which is owned by Oath is going through major reorganization.

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