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EU Recommends The U.S. To Nominate Data Privacy Ombudsperson

The European Union (EU) recently recommended the U.S. to propose a permanent ombudsperson before the end of February 2019. EU stated that this ombudsperson should inspect various complaints related to data breaches. This step would be an important part of a key data transfer agreement, which was agreed 2 Years back. The comments from Andrus Ansip, Chief, Technology, EU, came after the European Commission concluded its second assessment of the so-called EU–U.S. Privacy Shield. This shield is intended to better safeguard Europeans’ private data transferred across the Atlantic for official use.

Reportedly, over 3,850 firms have signed up to the agreement. This agreement replaced the earlier agenda dubbed Safe Harbour, which was canceled by Europe’s highest court in 2015 as it offered U.S. spies unnecessary access to private data. Ansip proclaimed that the union now expects its American associates to nominate the ombudsperson on a long-term basis so that the union can ensure the EU–U.S. relations in data protection are completely reliable.

On a similar note, Facebook came into the news as recently Karl Racine, Attorney General, District of Columbia, announced that he is taking legal action against the firm. The reason behind the same is said to be the failure of the social media giant to protect users’ data and inappropriately sharing data with 3rd-party applications. Racine proclaimed that the firm’s practices exposed about 340,000 District residents, almost 50% of D.C.’s population, to probable “manipulation for political intentions.”

The complaint comes after a sovereign inquiry carried out by the attorney general’s office. It publicly pinpointed, for the first time, the number of D.C. residents hindered in the data mining scam that has embroiled Facebook for much of the past year. The scam comes from the use of Facebook user information by Cambridge Analytica, the British political consulting company. It has been charged for employing that data to aim at voters in Donald Trump, the U.S. President’s, winning 2016 presidential campaign.

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