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Spotify Premium Receives Personalized Better Search And Artist Radio Stations

Spotify has launched a key update for its Premium service that redesigns its search & navigation and renovates its radio functions on its mobile apps, the firm declared in a blog post. The streaming service has updated its navigation and has renovated its search page with a higher emphasis on introducing consumers to new songs by placing suggested genres at the page top.

The biggest modification Spotify made this week was to its artist radio function, which will offer consumers a personalized station for any artist on the song you select. This upgrade was made employing the same algorithms that make Spotify’s other personalized playlists and Discover Weekly feature so great. It is fundamentally a never-ending playlist that is customized for you and can also be offline saved. The new artist radio by Spotify will not need the thumbs up/down interaction that assisted customize its old radio services to your tastes.

Speaking of music streaming, as per new year report by Nielsen Music on the U.S. market, there were 403.4 Billion total music streams in the country in H1 of this year, up by 41.6%. Of that figure, 135.2 Billion streams were on video platforms (+34.7%) and 268.2 Billion streams were on audio platforms (+45.4%). The media has dug back through recent times to see how that evaluates to earlier years in real mathematical terms. The findings look very optimistic for a sector whose latest watchwords when it comes to planned streaming growth in the U.S., have comprised “cautious,” “fragile,” and “conservative.”

The overall jump from H1 2017 to H1 2018 in on-demand US-supported music stream volume was 118.6 Billion plays (that is almost 284.8 Billion to 403.4 Billion). That is more than the yearly volume augmentation witnessed in 2017, 2016, or any year before. The yearly mid-year development in entire US audio music streams in H1 of this year was at 83.8 Billion.

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