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NASA Seeks Proposal for Commercial Lander Proposal

Goods news for the ones who dream to visit the moon! NASA has released a new proposal for businesses which will be interested in the commercial lander proposal. The agency is almost ready with its new technology which will help human return to the moon. The technology might be implemented next year. This is the first step towards the new experiment. NASA has decided to have some external partnerships to balance its budget. The agency aims to utilize more complex technology to carry on lunar studies on the moon land and also to observe the Earth in a better way from the moon.

Using new resources on the moon, creating a seismic structure there to understand the internal structure of the star, getting better insights in the mineral and chemical content available on the moon are some of the proposals for which NASA is seeking new commercial partnerships. This information has been provided by the deputy associate administrator of NASA, Steve Clarke, who is looking after the exploration department of the agency.

NASA is just not looking for companies who have a technological or scientific vent of business they are keeping the options open. As per Clarke, they are also looking for astronomical gadgets which will also help them progress the mission, both using humans and robots.

In the detailed proposal, NASA has informed that companies need to submit their proposals by November of 2019. The agency will again look for some fresh proposals in another two years. NASA is aiming to fly its project by December 2021. Businesses will be able to provide instruments which can be used to observe the complete universe or sun are also welcomed. NASA has not done an experiment like this in a long time. The last testing which was done includes few crashes took place in the time of Apollo.

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