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FDA, DHS To Coordinate For Medical Device Security, Framework

FDA and DHS are again collaborating to develop better medical infrastructure. These two federal groups have coordinated previously to identify vulnerabilities. Now a new memorandum is being built to create a better relationship between these two teams.

FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have signed this memorandum with two aims, one is to improve their coordination regarding the security aspect of medical tools and secondly, developing a flawless medical framework.

Though they have worked together in previous years, this is the first time that they have made this relation formal.

The common team will work to prevent potential medical issues. As per a letter was written by Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner, there are new devices which are getting connected to the hospital networks on regular basis. These devices are prone to cyber-crime and this coordination aims to protect the devices from fraudulent activities. He also stated that this is an enormous activity and just one agency cannot do the complete task. He feels that this joint activity will have a powerful impact on cybersecurity; they will be able to provide better and timely solutions to any issues which have been caused. The team will be engaged in the device testing activities.

Cyber-crime is threatening the medical services for a long time span. The worst scenario is even if hackers get into the medical network systems and try to cause life risks to the patients, the health service providers will not be able to detect the same. They are neither trained nor advised about how to handle such scenarios. After FDA came up with some cybersecurity guidelines in 2016 for medical devices, the manufacturers of these producers have informed almost 400% flaws. As per FDA, this is a positive sign that suppliers have started taking cyber security seriously.

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