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Smart Sticker Might Warn Users About Health Risks

Researchers have made wearable electronic gadgets that can be effortlessly attached to the body to observe physical activity and warn a user about potential health dangers in real time. The “smart stickers” are composed of cellulose, which is both breathable and biocompatible, as per the study posted in the journal Advanced Materials and Interfaces.

“We have created for the first time the wearable electronic gadgets that anyone can easily glue to their skin and are composed of paper to reduce the price of personalized medication,” claimed an assistant professor in the U.S. at Purdue University, Ramses Martinez, to the media in an interview.

Health experts can use the stickers as implantable sensors to observe patients’ sleep patterns since they follow internal organs without posing any adverse reactions, scientists claimed. Athletes can also use the tech to observe their health while swimming and exercising, they claimed. These stickers are structured in serpentine shapes to make the gadgets as stretchable and thin as skin, making them unnoticeable for the users.

On a related note, it is a known fact that individuals, especially teens, are more and more making employment of mobile apps for their daily fitness management and also to handle other same practices improving well-being and health. On the other hand, mHealth has slowly begun attaining adoption amongst city doctors. mHealth is the practice of public health and medicine based on mobile devices.

A couple of doctors have not only begun accepting mHealth as a faction of their routine, but are also suggesting to their patients to employ mobile applications for observing essential health parameters such as pulse rate and heart rate as well as for hearing test, eye test, and others. At first, the idea was just limited to private hospitals conveying messages to patients through SMS related to the follow-ups and check-up dates.

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