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Report Disclose NASA’s Sloppy Management That Lost Historical Spaceflight Souvenir

A report from NASA’s Office of the Inspector General recently disclosed that NASA has lost a broad range of historical spaceflight souvenir over the period of last few years. The report highlights that the reason behind this loss is NASA’s improper management. The lost souvenir includes former spaceflight hand controllers, old lunar soil bag, and a test lunar rover as well. NASA’s Office of the Inspector General has disclosed this report after studying how NASA manages its historical assets. While systems seem to be advanced at NASA, some exclusive pieces of storied spaceflight assets have either been taken by its ex-employees or they have been misplaced.

Essentially, NASA owns two types of historical assets to take care of. First are the real properties such as test sites and buildings. Reportedly, some of them are still used for supporting present missions at the space agency. The second type of asset is personal items such as various tools and spacesuits. Many of these assets are currently not required by the space agency. However, these items own Agency’s rich history.

On a similar note, Vector came into the news as it announced that it has closed a $70 Million Series B round to move into full operations. Reportedly, the firm is engaged in creating small launch vehicles to fulfill the estimated towering demand for small satellite launches. Jim Cantrell, Chief Executive, Vector, stated that the company is all set to enter in an extremely important phase of its journey. He added that the firm is in its transition phase. It is shifting its focus from research & development to flight operations & profitability.

Additionally, Cantrell proclaimed that Series B financing is a significant factor in the company’s aim to advance entry into space and become the principal launch provider in the limited satellite sector. Shaun Coleman, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Vector, stated that the latest funding is supposed to be used in supporting the company as it shifts into operations.

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